Mama & Bird - Mama Essentials Trio
Mama & Bird - Mama Essentials Trio

Mama & Bird - Mama Essentials Trio

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Three beautifully crafted products to support you throughout your pregnancy and into your postpartum nursing journey.

Trio Packs come packaged in a Gift Box and Wrapping!

Belly Butter & Belly Oil - the ultimate pregnancy Belly Duo to help maintain the condition of your skin as it stretches throughout pregnancy. 

Created with carefully selected natural ingredients, these two beautiful belly products work together to:

  • help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • relieve dry, itchy pregnancy skin 
  • support your skin elasticity
  • boost hydration, and 
  • promote healthy collagen production

Mama Balm - a creamy daily use balm created with nourishing natural ingredients to help soothe, condition, and protect nipples for more comfortable nursing.

Mama Balm beautifully blends the nurturing and restorative qualities of a traditional nipple cream, with the barrier protection benefits of a modern balm.  

Australian Certified vegan, cruelty free, toxic-free & made safe.

*Due to the natural nature of our product ingredients the texture, colour and aroma of our products may vary slightly between batches. Please be assured that this does not impact the efficacy of the product in any way.